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Divorce CAN be Civil

The number of couples going through divorce has grown astronomically over the last 30 to 40 years. Collaborative professionals have learned from the experiences of divorcing couples, the trials and tribulations of parents trying to raise children in separate households, and the long term effects divorce may have on children. These lessons have led to the development of a kinder process that meets the needs of all family members as they move through divorce, custody, visitation, and support issues. The evolution that has occurred means that divorce, and all of the associated issues, can be managed with integrity, dignity, and honesty, and an acceptable resolution can be found that meets the needs of the family as it goes forward.

The collaborative process offers parents
with childrena solution to co-parent more effectively
and remain as friendly as possible.

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Unfortunately, divorce is a fact of life.   The statistics are that nearly half of all first marriages end in divorce, and the rates of divorce for second and third marriages are even higher!  And while we may hope these numbers are wrong, the undeniable truth is there’s plenty of divorce going on.  We all know someone  who is thinking about separating or going through a divorce or who is already divorced.